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January 14 was declared National Dress Up Your Pet day back in 2009. Our pets are part of the family, and often people like to show off their pets style by dressing them in outfits, special collars and sometimes fashion booties.

Since this day is in January, most places are cold (brrr) so, many smaller pets have their own coats! Even though we don't know if our dogs feel the cold weather the way that we do, they might appreciate a nice t-shirt or even a warm fleece jacket! Rain jackets and rain boots can be worn on wet days, too! They even make parkas in some northern parts of the world!

So, how can you celebrate this day with your pet? Take pictures and post them to social media with the hash tag #dressupyoupetday. Or, consider having a dress-up party for your pet. You could organize a 'pets-on-parade', with each dog or cat wearing their special outfit. Always consider donating extra shirts, jackets and blankets you are done with to the local shelters.

Enjoy this day! Don't forget to reward your pet for cooperating in this 'dress up' game with a special treat or meal! Make sure all clothing is appropriate in size, and not binding or pinching. If your pet doesn't care for clothes, just settle for a fashionable collar for a great photo!

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