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Do you have a pampered pooch?

Our business depends on not just a solid understanding of pet health, but our client's deep and lasting love for their pets. Our promise to 'take care of your friend for life' is a solid one--and we pride ourselves on not just dispensing medical care when you visit, but to really treat you and your pets as if they are members of our own family by figuring out what options are best for your particular household routine, budget and habits. We are finding that many more of our client's are pampering their pets around the holidays as they do with their human family members, and it isn't just putting something under the tree.

Over the past 5 years, pet ownership has increased by leaps and bounds. American households with dogs went from 78 million to 89.7 million, and households with cats from 86.4 to 94.2. With increases like this, it is no surprise that businesses offering unique products and services for pets have made their way into mainstream family choices. For example, there is an 'Inn' in Morristown, New Jersey, where cats are 'vacationing in style'. They offer luxury accommodations for cats that include plush bedding, tv's, and services like 'cuddling', walks, and game-play via IPAD. "People now are treating their cats more like children — they're seeking out more interactive and customized experiences for their pets, as opposed to just leaving them at home," said Joanne Morris, vice president of Morris Animal Inn, Inc., according to an article by Kate Rodgers of CNBC.

While a holistic focus for pet food and general treatment is on the uprise, doggie daycares and pet-pampering facilities are becoming more popular, too. There are hotels and spas that allow guest's pets to be pampered with stays that not only include grooming, but also include chauffeur services, chef-prepared meals, and exercise in 'doggy gyms'. We don't have any luxury pet hotels here in Gainesville yet, but Pet Paradise is a unique business offering the ability for your dogs to swim during their stay. Boarding in Gainesville and Newberry is always more fun if it's hot, and your pet can look forward to a dip in the pool! Who know? Maybe the animal hospitals of the future will include these types of perks!

We aren't that far away from a world offering more services that reduce pet stress and increase good health, based on their roles as a part of our families. While Newberry Animal Holistic & Wellness provides veterinary care to keep pets in good health, we might see more pet-related businesses springing up to offer luxurious and unique ways to show that they are members of our family.

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