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Your Pet's Thanksgiving!

Have you ever wondered if your dog/cat gets tired of eating the same thing every day? Why​ ​not try adding a little healthy cooked food into their normal diet. Or even some fresh fruit (no grapes) or vegetables (no onions or garlic).

Some pet owners go all out and cook their pet’s meals entirely themselves. Others use​ ​pre​-​made freeze​-​dried options found at some pet food stores. If you’re not ready to be that​ ​extravagant,​ you can always treat your pet with a little topping on his/her food. If you’re​ ​cooking broccoli for dinner, why not try giving some to​ your pet?

Thanksgiving is coming, and we have found that leftover cooked ground turkey​ ​makes a great addition to their food bowl and he will thank you for the extra yumminess.

Anyone that has brought their pet in for acupuncture at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness​ ​Center knows that most of the time their pet gets a delicious “puppy popsicle” while they sit​ ​with their acupuncture needles in. We have found that dogs really like this cooling treat and​ ​can’t wait to get i​t!

You can make frozen treats at home too. Freeze some bone broth in ice cube trays or freeze some plain yogurt for them to enjoy on one of our hot days.

Always check with your veterinarian to make sure that your pet's diet is balanced​ ​and isn’t adding unwanted extra pounds. Maintaining his figure is something that will keep him​ ​healthy and frisky for years to come.

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