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Happy Halloween!

Thinking of dressing your pet in costume this year? While Halloween is fun for children and adults, your furry baby may think differently! It may be full of noise, confusion, and anxiety for them. So we are prepared to help you get them ready for the night of ghouls and ghosts?

Let’s assume that you already read our blog on micro-chipping. If that is already done for any escape issues, some of our client/owners use the thunder shirt or an Adaptil diffuser to keep him calm throughout the evening. Doorbells can be constant prompts for barking.

Keep all of your pets inside in a safe room or kennel while the trick or treating is going on. Unfortunately, some trick or treaters think pestering pets is great entertainment on Halloween.

We’ve noticed that some owners will play relaxing, soft music in the pet’s room so they don’t hear all the commotion outside. Also, consider getting your pets a favorite treat like a doggie popsicle or Kong toy with yogurt in it to keep him occupied throughout the evening.

Lastly, please make sure all decorations and candy are out of his reach. Keep glow sticks and any electrical decorations away, too. We don't want you having to do a google search for Emergency Vets in Gainesville! We at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center hope you and your pets have a fun and safe Halloween!

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