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Who helps take care of your pet?

It's National Vet Tech Week!!!

What is Vet Tech Week? National Veterinary Technician Week was established in 1993 to honor veterinary technicians and all the wonderful work they do. It also gives Veterinarians, staff and clients a week to acknowledge technicians for their hard work and loyalty.

You may think of a veterinary technician as just someone who holds your dog or cat while the veterinarian examines them. While that's true, they do so much more that we often don't see. Usually they are a wealth of veterinary information they have learned through school, the doctors teaching and experience.

If vet techs worked in human medicine they would wear several hats throughout the day. They may be a nurse, phlebotomist, pharmacist, surgical nurse, dental hygienist, anesthesiologist, radiographer, transcriptionist, dog walker and janitor all wrapped up into one dedicated person who loves animals. They often arrive very early to prepare for surgery, check on hospitalized animals and then stay late to clean up after a long day or take that senior pet out for one last walk.

Next time you take Fluffy to see his veterinarian for a check up make sure you give an extra “thank you” to the technician that assists the doctor. They love the attention they get from each pet they see but also appreciate some gratitude from their owners as well.

Interested in becoming a vet tech? Contact us for more information by visiting our website at or calling us at 352-332-9991.

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