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A fire can mean a state of emergency for most people. Here are some things to better prepare you and your pet in the event of a fire:

Pet Rescue Fire Safety Sticker

The stickers should be put in plain sight, like on a front window of your house. Firefighters know these stickers mean there are pets inside, and that they have permission to enter and save them. The stickers also describe how many and what kind of pets the home should have. 

Stay Away From Bushes

Any outdoor pets should be kept away from any brushy areas that may easily catch fire. Move any pets that are in outdoor pens or coops, inside to stay safe. Try to keep everyone at least 20 feet away.

Keep Tabs On Your Pet

Know where your pet may go, in the event they get scared and hideaway. This location may help you find them later. We cannot stress enough about having your pet micro-chipped. 

Pet Emergency Kit 

Having an emergency kit on hand for each of your pets will increase the chances of their safety. This kit should contain lots of your pet’s food, their paperwork and rabies documents, prescription medication, and a photo of your pet. 

Securing Your Pet

When evacuating, keep your pet on a leash or in a pet carrier. This will help you keep them restrained in the event they begin to panic. 

Should you experience any pet related emergencies in Gainesville, Fl, or in surrounding cities, you can always contact Newberry Animal Hospital for more information.


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