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Heard of DOGTV??

Does your dog LOVE watching TV? You will want to read this. In June 2019, Dish Network offered a free 2 week trial of DogTV. DOGTV, which was founded in 2009, is a tv network that provides pure, healthy, and interesting entertainment for dogs. It was created to provide mental stimulation for your dog while you’re away. The programming was created and designed with input by dog behavior specialists, television production experts, and doctors. The network uses years of research to provide content that can improve your dog's sense of hearing, vision, and overall behavior. The channel runs 24/7 and features 3-6 minute long segments that help dogs be less stressed and happier by watching.

This channel is being offered for $4.95 per month. So, in the spirit of the tagline from the National Inquirer, Inquiring minds want to know....would you pay to subscribe to a channel so that your dog was not bored at home??


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