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Happy New Year!!!

If you have decided to eat better and exercise, how about centering your increase in activity around your dog? Are they at their optimal weight for longevity? A regular exercise routine-like going on walks with you- is good for you both. Teaching a new trick that involves some running or jumping might be fun, if your doctor approves. Your cat could get some exercise indoors by chasing a feather toy on a stick or a jingle ball.

How about resolutions about good habits? Veterinary dental month is coming next month, so why not start a daily or weekly routine of brushing you pets teeth. Use a toothpaste for dogs/cats like Virbac C.E.T. Enzamatic toothpaste? Human toothpaste is not good for pets, as pets should not have fluoride. Check with a local vet to see what brand they recommend.

Flea and heart worm prevention is a must-have. Products like Sentinel, Heartguard & Trifexis should be given every 30 days to both cats and dogs, so making that a resolution to give that on time each month would benefit the entire family. Did your pet’s Gainesville veterinarian recommend a supplement like glucosamine or fish oil for healthy joints and skin, but you haven't gotten around to starting that? No time like the present! Visit your local veterinarians in Gainesville, and start improving your pets life.

We at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center hope you have a great and prosperous 2018, and don't forget to include your furry family members in you

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