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URGENT: New Alachua County Pet Registration Requirements EXPLAINED

Many of you may be unaware of changes the county is making to registration of your cat or dog with Alachua County Animal Services. The Newberry Animal Hospital Group is here to help you understand these changes as we all move into the New Year.

Our hospitals just received final notice/explanation of the changes to pet registration laws for county residences at the end of last week. We spent a couple of days getting clarification, but here is what you should know:

The county will be collecting a registration fee for each cat or dog in your home, as follows:

(Please note that these fees are no longer tied to your animals rabies vaccine.)

Registration Fees per animal (cat or dog):

  • $10.00 for each spayed/neutered cat or dog, IF they are microchipped.

  • $40.00 for each intact (not spayed/neutered) cat or dog.

  • $40.00 for any cat or dog NOT microchipped regardless of breeding status.

These are the pet registration requirements passed by the Alachua County Board of Commissioners effective January 1st, 2018.

In anticipation of these changes, The Newberry Animal Hospital Group has been working closely with our vendors to reduce microchip charges for our clients. Please keep an eye out for our next communication on this topic, which will cover the newly reduced microchipping rates and options.

The Newberry Animal Hospital Group is still working with the county to determine the best and most efficient way to help you comply with these new pet registration requirements. Please contact our offices with questions. We are here to help make these transitions easier for you!

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