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Today is National Cookie Day!

Ugh! It's Monday! But wait, today is National Cookie Day!! Did you know that the word “cookie” comes from the Dutch word “koekie” which means little cake? It just gets better and better, cookie, little cake-I really can make it through Monday. While most of us dread going back to work on Monday, how do our four-legged friends feel about it? Do they dread it too, because that means Mommy or Daddy are gone all week? National Cookie Day seems like a perfect day to celebrate with your pet.

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While dogs and cats can't eat the cookies we eat, they can have some tasty versions of ours. Have you ever thought about making your own treats instead of commercial brand treats? There are some great recipes online that are very simple to make. We found and as having many safe, pet cookie recipes. Of course, please check with your Gainesville or Newberry veterinarian to be sure the ingredients are safe for your pet.

Most dogs love peanut butter, so you can whip up a more simplified version of peanut butter cookies--​minus the sugar. How about some oatmeal and carob cookies with a little honey. (Remember no raisins, and never chocolate!) Cheesy bacon cookies might be something both your cat and dog would like. Canned pumpkin is everywhere so that can be a great healthy ingredient for your cookie recipe.


Is your pet recovering from a recent spay or neuter in Gainesville? This is a great 'speedy recovery' gift for them while they are busy healing.

While it's tempting to stay home with Fido and eat cookies together, you must go to work, but he will be very excited to see you and have a special treat for his snack at the end of the day!

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