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When was the last time your cat went to the vet?

Cat ownership is often a more appropriate pet choice for many people because of their independence and self-sufficiency. A good cat, at the end of a long day, can be a great comfort for our busy lives. Because of their low maintenance nature, cat owners often skip checkups assuming that good health is just maintained. However, routine checkups and wellness visits with blood work can often catch illnesses or conditions early so they can be treated successfully.

Your local veterinarian can often diagnose feline arthritis before you see signs at home. It is common to think of older dogs when you mention arthritis, but cats are affected in much the same manner. Healthy cats are generally active and do a lot of jumping and running, so its important that we help them manage their joints and keep them pain free. Managing optimal weight will help with joint pain, as can some popular supplements.

If you have a cat that hasn't had a health and wellness checkup with a Gainesville Veterinarian lately, please feel free to call us at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center. We would love to see them!

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