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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Thinking of adding a new pet to your family? November is the perfect time to consider adopting a senior pet. While we are busy getting ready for the holidays and being thankful for all that we have, thousands of senior pets are sitting in shelters or rescues waiting to be adopted.

Most people want to adopt a puppy, kitten or fairly young animal so they have many years with their new addition to the family but what they often don't realize is with that young pet comes a lot of training. That's why adopting a senior pet is a great option for our busy lives. Senior dogs and cats are usually already potty trained and have grown out of those bad behaviors of their younger years.

Senior cats and dogs are more likely to just want a human to snuggle with or go for a nice stroll in the park or even bask in the sunshine in the back yard. Older pets take the guess work out of picking out your new family member. Their personalities are alread developed so what you see is what you get.

One thing to keep in mind if you are ready to adopt is that they may require more visits to the vet for check ups and blood work but when you consider all the visits you make with a puppy or kitten for initial vaccines and spays or neuters, the costs can be comparable. There won't be any changes from puppy/kitten food to adult food either. No investing in hundreds of chew toys to keep them from eating your furniture so one could argue “Why wouldn't you adopt a senior pet!”

Already have a senior pet or adopting a new family member? Come by or give us a call at Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center to see how we can improve your pets life.


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