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Have a lost or found pet?

Have you ever found a lost pet? Have you ever wondered about who to call, where do you take it? Gainesville is such a ‘pet friendly’ city and there are some really good resources available.

If you do find a pet, always remember to be careful and don't put yourself in harms way, whether it be near traffic or with a fractious dog or cat. Alachua County Animal Services can assist in capturing animals that you are unable to catch and get them to safety. Often people think if a pet is picked up by “the pound”, they are just euthanized. That's just not the case.

Animal Services will will scan the pet for a microchip and check to see if anyone has reported them lost. They then hold that pet and get it medical attention, if needed. Your local veterinarian can assist by scanning for a microchip too, or search their records for rabies tag information. At Newberry Animal Holistic and Wellness Center, we recommend all pets be microchipped, even if they never go outside. Microchips are a great way of identifying animals. There is also a company called where a pet can be connected to google maps.

There are several websites available to post a lost or found pet, or to help locate an owner or to help you find your lost dog or cat. or are a couple familiar ones. You can post pictures and information about where the pet was found.

If your pet has run away from home, make sure you contact your local animal shelter and any local Gainesville veterinarians. You can also post signs with a picture, distinctive markings and pertinent contact information in the area where they were lost. Remember, dogs as well as cats can be frightened by thunder storms or other loud noises and try to escape by running away.

In a perfect world, all pets would have great homes and never get lost! You can do your part by keeping your animals safe at home and keeping them properly identified in the event of separation. If you have any questions about this information, please feel free to call us at (352)332-9991 or visit

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